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“The 20” board has a single, movable pivot point, correctly placed for users to receive all of the biomechanical advantages of the original BAPS® board. The uniqueness of the AirBAPS™ comes from its top, which has a variable inflatable bladder similar to that found in football helmets.This bladder is easily inflated and/or deflated allowing the caregiver to control the level of stability or instability. Silk screen vectors are placed on the bladder to provide an index of the users’ relationships to the pivot point and the shape of the board. As the user changes position, the stress from the exercise will change to isolate the ankle, knee, hip or back.Features:

    • 20″ Off-round, black base made of polyethylene with a 5/16″ – 18 insert
    • AIr Bladder made of gray PVC vInyl silk-screened with black vectors and a blue logo
    • Pivot Ball made of a blue, flexible PVC vinyl with a 5/16″ – 18 bolt
    • Pen size air pressure gauge
      • Air inflation / deflation pump


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